Our Culture

The S&A Culture

Since our inception, S&A has been a company built on friendship, loyalty and trust. From the beginning, when two childhood friends joined to form S&A, we have maintained a family environment putting relationships above profits and we strive to ensure that is our legacy. We believe this relational vs. transactional approach provides great benefits to all stakeholders – our clients, our long-term subcontractors and vendors, and our employees.

Trusted • Preferred

When we bring in a subcontractor or vendor who has worked with us for a decade or more, our clients can feel the trust we have in our relationships. They can then rest assured that this relationship will extend through us, to them, whether it be ensuring fair pricing, quality of work, or warranty fulfillment.

The S&A Family

As with any family, S&A considers family and personal milestones to be as important as the work we do. We celebrate each other’s achievements. We know each other’s significant others and children and we create an environment where caring about who we are translates into caring about how and what we do. Nowhere is this more evident than in our internationally famous S&A Holiday Party each December, where friends, families, architects, designers, vendors, and clients all come together to eat, drink and dance the night away!